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Frequently Asked Questions
How is this different from' mock drafts ?
You are drafting against the computer, not against other users.
This has several benefits:
You do not have to wait for people to join the draft room.
You do not have to wait between your picks.
You can revert as many picks as want you want.
Does the app uses the draft room ?
No. The app uses its own simplified drafting screens.
How does the app draft for the other managers ?
The app uses a mix of ADP data and projections to determine which player is the best selection for each round.
Does it work for keeper leagues ?
Yes. But only if all the managers in your leagues have already selected their keepers.
Does it work for auction drafts ?
No. We can only simulate a regular snake draft.
Does it work for IDP drafts ?
Soon. We plan to add support for IDP drafts towards the end of July 2012.
Where can I find the app ?
Open your league and click on "Draft Central" in the menu

Then click the "Quick Mocks" icon in the app bar (the 4th in the example below)

Do you recommend other apps to prepare for my draft ?
Do you recommend other apps to help during the season ?
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