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Frequently Asked Questions
How does the cheat sheet update during the draft ?
At any moment during the draft, you can refresh the app and the players that are no longer available will be either grayed out or hidden (your choice).
The main page will also indicate how many players are left in each cheat sheet.
The app also highlights the player you have already drafted.
Can I access my cheat sheets inside the draft room ?
No. You still need to keep two tabs (or two windows) open during the draft: one for the draft room, one for the cheat sheet app.
How many cheat sheets can I create ?
There is no limit to the number of cheat sheets.
They will all update in real time during your drafts.
Will it work for all my drafts ?
Yes. The app will work for all your online drafts on
It will work for auction and snake drafts.
It will work for leagues with Team Defenses and leagues with IDP.

It will not work for offline drafts.
Will it work for mock drafts ?
No. The cheat sheets will only update during your real drafts.
I have multiple drafts. Do I need to duplicate my cheet sheets ?
No, your cheat sheets are shared across all your drafts.
Can I update a cheat sheet once it is imported to the app ?
Yes. You can manually add players to an existing cheat sheet.
You can also remove or reorder players.
How many players do you support ?
Pickemfirst recognizes over 1500 football players.
Here is the list of supported players
Does the app come with pre-loaded cheat sheets ?
No. But it only take 30 seconds to find cheat sheets online and to import them into the app.
Where can I find the app ?
Open your league and click on "Draft Central" in the menu

Then click the "CheatSheet" icon in the app bar (the 2nd in the example below)

Do you recommend other apps to prepare for my draft ?
Do you recommend other apps to help during the season ?
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